July 01st, 2021 – By Promostyl

Know Beauty, a real beauty routine

The two American stars Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer have just created their own brand of beauty products, in partnership with their dermatologist, Dr Karen Kagha. Offering products specialising in skin problems, the brand aims to find real solutions and a good skincare routine for everyone.

By customising products for each skin type and offering a DNA test for each customer, the brand analyses the skin's experience and finds the right products and routine to adopt every day. Grown up in front of cameras and with unreal beauty standards, Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer wanted to convey through their brand and their project the difference between all skin types, and that we should not choose a product because it works on others, but because it is adapted to our skin precisely.

Know Beauty will give you the products that are best suited to your skin, especially for you, thus giving the expected results.