1966 1966 FOUNDATION OF PROMOSTYL, the first design agency to create collections for manufacturers and brands. 1970 1970 Invention of the Trend Book concept
Publication of the first CHILDREN’S WEAR Trend Book
1970-80 1970-1980 Launch of Trend Books by market and product : (Colors, Basic, Women's…)
Creation of an international network of agents
1980 1980 Creation of the INFLUENCES TREND BOOK, dedicated to consumer behaviors and their impact on design
Publication of the first SPORT Trend Book
1987 1987 Creation of the first fabrics library and essential sourcing tool that continues to nourish our trend insight 1990-2000 1990-2000 Publication of the LINGERIE, YOUTH, DENIM AND BEACHWEAR Trend Books and establishment of our CHINESE OFFICE, IN BEIJING, SHANGHAÏ AND GUANGZHOU
2012 2012 Launch of a PROMOSTYL‘s BLOG and first digital client services 2017 2017 In order to provide information in a timely manner, PROMOSTYL creates a DIGITAL UPDATES service. 2018 2018 Launch of Customized Trend Book service 2019 2019 Launch of search engine and print library