[showhide type=”links” more_text=”PROMOSTYL” less_text=”PROMOSTYL”] Who are we ?
What are our activities ?
What is our local presence worldwilde ?
Why should you reach out to PROMOSTYL ?
What are our assets ?
[/showhide][showhide type=”links2″ more_text=”TREND BOOK SERVICE – LONG TERM FORECAST” less_text=”TREND BOOK SERVICE – LONG TERM FORECAST”] What is a Trend Book?
Which sectors are developed?
When are your Trend Books published?
How much is a Trend Book?
How much is the shipping and how long does it takes?
Do you offer additional services?
[/showhide][showhide type=”links6″ more_text=”DIGITAL UPDATES – SHORT TERM FORECAST” less_text=”DIGITAL UPDATES – SHORT TERM FORECAST”] What is it ?
What is ACTUASTYL about ?
What are flash news about ?
What is the cost of this service ?
I have purchased a Trend Book, how do i get to the online updates ?
[/showhide][showhide type=”links3″ more_text=”TAILOR MADE TREND BOOK  SERVICE” less_text=”TAILOR MADE TREND BOOK  SERVICE”] What is the tailor-made Trend Book service ?
How are relationship with PROMOSTYL established ?
What is the cost of this service ?
[/showhide][showhide type=”links4″ more_text=”CONSULTING SERVICE” less_text=”CONSULTING SERVICE”] What is the consulting service about ?
What are your areas of expertise ?
What is the cost of this service ?
How is relationship with Promostyl established ?
[/showhide][showhide type=”links5″ more_text=”FASHION SHOWS ANALYSIS (VISION)” less_text=”FASHION SHOWS ANALYSIS (VISION)”] What is it ?
What is the format and cost ?
How can i get this report ?