May 19th, 2022 – By Promostyl

Discover the açai, the superfruit for a beautiful skin

The açai berry is the fruit of a South American palm tree grown primarily in Brazil. It is purple in colour and looks like a blueberry. For several years, there has been a real enthusiasm for this fruit, which boasts many health benefits and is sold in the form of juice, powder, capsules or frozen purées.

The roots of this success

In France, açai became known with the arrival of the trendy health food chain Wild and the Moon. Its success is down to its wealth of antioxidants, giving it properties specific to antioxidant plants, in other words the ability to combat free radicals.

Wild a Moon

Its extremely Instagrammable colour is also an asset at a time when communication via social media is highly prized.


All these elements caught the attention of the Danish brand Rudolph Skincare, which is certified by Ecocert and Nordic Swan Label and for over ten years has been offering a complete range based on this precious berry harvested just once a year: a way to take care of yourself without compromising on efficacy, sensory pleasure and sustainability.


Its usefulness in cosmetics

However, what makes the açai berry ideal in the beauty world is its exceptionally high concentration of antioxidants, which gives it unique revitalising and anti-ageing benefits. This makes it a real beauty booster, perfect for skin. Each litre of açai oil contains no less than 100 kg of berries hand-picked from Brazilian tropical forests.

Rudolph Skincare

Rudolph Skincare's Açai anti-ageing facial oil contains pure açai oil, which offers concentrated organic skincare and healthy skin. The berry contains twice as many antioxidants as blueberries and is appreciated for its molecular structure similar to the oil produced by skin. This allows Açai anti-ageing facial oil to penetrate deep into skin and provide moisture, elasticity and radiance from within. The oil may be used on its own, on top of the Açai anti-ageing serum or under an organic face cream.

Rudolph Skincare