December 1st  2022 – By Promostyl

Meet Mylo™, a Leather-Like Material Grown From Mycelium/h2>

Bolt Threads, a materials innovation company based in California, is aiming to change our perception about leather by introducing Mylo™, the first leather-like commercially viable material grown from mycelium. The goal? To reduce the long-term environmental impact of one of the most polluting industries on the planet, and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable world.

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Focused on sustainability and inspired by nature, Bolt Threads are using cutting-edge technology and bioengineering concepts in order to provide highly desirable, sustainable and better performing products.

With Microsilk™ being only the beginning, Bolt Threads decided to go one step further and in collaboration with biomaterials company ECOVATIVE, they managed to optimize the latter’s mycelium fabrication technology into a commercially-ready material; Mylo™. How they do it? By growing mycelium, the underground root structure of a mushroom. As natural as that!

Mylo (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)

Through the control of mycelium’s growing environment and process, Bolt Threads’ team is able to manipulate Mylo™’s durability, strength and suppleness in order to make it look and feel like hand-crafted animal leather.

What makes it sustainable is that its production takes only some days, there is no material waste of using animal hides and, most importantly, no livestock is sacrificed. In addition, it is biodegradable and non-toxic which makes it a far more sustainable option than synthetic leather.

Mylo (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)


Stella McCartney, an innovative brand that embraces Bolt Threads’ mindset, is the first to incorporate this new material into her collections. Having already used Microsilk™, the designer introduces the MYLO™ Falabella Prototype One, a sustainable version of her iconic bag made exclusively of Bolt Thread’s new leather-like material.

Fore those who want to see it, the bag is showcased at the Victoria and Albert Museum’s exhibit “Fashioned from Nature”. Bolt Threads will also bring Mylo™ to consumers by releasing their own bag for pre-order this June. Can’t wait!
Mylo (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)