How beauty is banking on digital in a pandemic


The strategies of beauty brands to reinvent themselves in the face of the coronavirus have been numerous. But they are all heading in the same direction: digitization.

One of the most popular apps in this field? YouCam Makeup. Downloaded nearly 700 million times around the world, it incorporates all the latest technologies: makeup test, hair coloring, skin analysis, etc.

Another idea developed during this period but which already existed: filters on Instagram. Dior thus imagined Dior Lipsss to highlight its lipstick on the social network. Or the Lancôme filter created for Mother's Day in 2020.

Diagnosis in care is another major stake in the beauty of tomorrow. Neutrogena has launched its Skin 360 analyzing the overall condition of the skin (from measurement of wrinkles to hydration).

Another innovation that could revolutionize beauty tech? Feel at a distance. Because if there is one thing that augmented reality has yet to create, and that perfume houses are eagerly awaiting, it's smell. Like a scent of science fiction ...