kids-EMERGING BRANDS Spring 18


0-2 years old


  This is not a brand new brand, it was born 2 years ago, “Le Petit Lucas du Tertre” continues its rise with great success, especially in the childcare sector. Their sleeping bags, bathing capes and throws in a retro folk spirit have become birth gifts favorites.   Selected by PROMOSTYL  


  Roly Pony is a new British brand of children’s clothing. Their designer, also an illustrator of children’s books, offers elegant and fluid lines, with beautiful fairy prints and always refined details and finishes.   Selected by PROMOSTYL  


  Yellow Pelota continues its ascent and becomes a reference brand in the universe of the babywear. The brand continues to amaze us with the quality of its collections, as much thanks to its high quality fabrics as its graphic choices, always bold and keeping with its time.   Selected by PROMOSTYL  

2-8 years old


  In line with new unisex brands, here comes “Kid + kind”, a new brand from the USA. The brand only uses organic cotton and allows both girls and boys to wear all the garments in the collection. With their prints, arty graphics and comfort, this brand is resolutely fun and keeping with its time.   Selected by PROMOSTYL  


  Rare enough to be mentionned, “Mademoiselle in Soho” comes from the imagination of its creator of Romanian origin, who studied in Paris and currently lives in New York. A tasty cultural mix that nourishes this brand who voluntarily never follows the trends. Her inspiration comes from the energy of the places visited, the people she met. Each collection is a balance between bespoke and cool, simplicity with a touch of humour, the daring collections are of great quality and the brand is a great success.   Selected by PROMOSTYL  


  Some fun and some strong creative directions! “Will Woody Be” invites children to customize their favourite clothes with vegan patches, gluten free supporters or other characters, but always with a good dose of humour. In addition to these crests, “Will Woody Be” produces timeless children’s clothing such as t-shirts, cardigans or accessories to customize. For this summer season, swimsuits are sold with their accessories.   Selected by PROMOSTYL  

8-14 years old


  “Designers remix” is a Swedish womens fashion brand is launching their “Little Remix” girl version. We find the same fabric quality, very neat finishes as on the women’s collection and especially great fashion looks without any distasteful notes, for the young girls. “Little remix” shakes up kid’s fashion by borrowing only the best of women’s fashion.   Selected by PROMOSTYL  


  Another example of a womens fashion launching a new kids brand. MKT create their collections inspired by icons of the 70s, 80s, 90s as well as pop culture. Kate Moss, Patti Smith and Debbi Harry are their main sources of inspiration. An amazing result! With their strong messages and visuals on t-shirts, the brand that succeeded in the challenge of seducing the tricky 8-14 target.   Selected by PROMOSTYL  


  Sorry for the mess, “S4M” is the new children’s fashion line from IKKS. The brand retains its DNA and rock signature adding an arty touch, a hint of fun and vibrant colours. Denim, fleece, customization, t-shirts and punchy prints. A must-see!   Selected by PROMOSTYL