The craze for beauty Advent calendars

Advent calendars with a chocolate each day are a tradition we love to enjoy each December. What if 2019 was the start of a new tradition? Say goodbye to enjoying a little treat each day; now it’s all about beauty surprises, the perfect way to start the new year with a flawless complexion.

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Aime Skincare reveals its first skincare range

Following its first range of nutritional supplements, Aime Skincare is now venturing into skincare products. Featuring formulas of natural origin, ingredients with a host of benefits, ultra-desirable refined packaging, etc., these “made in France” beauty essentials are just waiting to be tested!

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The importance of respecting the environment in the beauty sector

The figures speak for themselves: according to a Teads study published in October, 52% of consumers are prepared to pay more for a product if it is environmentally friendly, irrespective of whether this concerns the container itself or its packaging. This data confirms the enthusiasm for brands that are now taking an eco-friendly approach.

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When the beauty world goes into digital mode

After fashion, it’s beauty’s turn to enter the promising world of augmented reality. The major brands are outdoing each other when it comes to imaginative ways to become an integral part of their customers’ digital habits.

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Serum mad: deciphering this beauty trend

Beauty product fans won’t have been able to miss the growing craze for serums. Many brands now offer serums targeted at consumers’ different skin types as well as according to the time of day. Daytime serum, night-time serum, anti-blemish serum, etc. A closer look at this new trend.

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As touched upon in our previous beauty articles, the cosmetics world is tending to become increasingly environmentally friendly. Skincare, make-up, but that’s not all… it is now possible to be green down to your fingertips! We have chosen two brands – both French as it happens – that offer a real alternative to traditional polishes (also guaranteeing impeccable hold and offering beautiful colours), something that is still difficult to find on the market.


Beautiful hair: The latest hip brands

Hair enjoys an important place in an everyday beauty routine! It is a seductive asset for women, who don’t hesitate to spend time and money looking after their hair in the best possible way! We have chosen two new brands for you that will be able to come alongside you day by day in your hair care routine.

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After a series of fashion shows each more fabulous than the last, Paris Fashion Week was also marked by a beauty event this season: the opening of Dover Street Parfums Market at 11 bis rue Elzévir, twenty-five years after launching its first fragrance and fifteen years after the opening of the Dover Street Market fashion store in London. To mark the occasion, we have chosen the emerging new beauty spots for you.

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The natural beauty trend

This is a strategic turning point on the beauty market, which is on its way to becoming an increasingly green sector that is closer to nature and more environmentally friendly. Young brands are now following natural principles to break into this highly competitive and ever-changing market. Certain brands who already offered lines with natural ingredients are seeing their hour of glory arrive, while others are emerging and making a name for themselves on this market.

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