The emergence of beauty products in the children’s sector

The booming natural beauty market is not only dedicated to the women’s sector. We have known for several years that men are increasingly concerned, but – as surprising as it may seem – we have also noted, as the latest Playtime trade fair comes to a close, that the number of children’s beauty brands continues to grow.

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BOTIMYST: the new Clean beauty e-shop

“Good for you and the planet” is the slogan of the new French retailer specialized in “worry-free” beauty products. Freshly launched in November 2019, Botimyst was founded by Carole Ballerini, drawing on her experience garnered (in chemistry and marketing) in the beauty world.

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Simple routines or daily care

For some time now, a routine approach has established itself in new beauty care. Brands no longer sell a single product but a routine, allowing them to become a firm fixture in consumers’ everyday lives and bathrooms with several products at once.

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The cosmetics world is adapting to the rising generation of young consumers, especially millennials, to whom it is important to listen when it comes to their desires for creativity, need for interactivity and way of working.



Even if it is not a new invention, pink clay has met with growing success over the past few years in the cosmetics industry. Its benefits for the face, body and hair make it a natural and invaluable product.

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Brows: the new beauty trend

After eyes, lips and nails, it is time to take care of your brows. While they may seem obsolete, they are nonetheless indispensable to the harmony of our face. We take a closer look at the new aesthetic innovations to groom our eyebrow arches.

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Cosmetics: a new playground for stars

While many stars have got involved in the creation of fashion brands or become muses for beauty products, more and more celebrities are creating their own cosmetics labels. We take a closer look at the stars who have revealed their entrepreneurial spirit!

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