March 04th, 2021 – By Promostyl

Brùme Cosmetic, a natural and soft universe


Brùme is a young brand in the cosmetics market which has been a real crush. Available only in e-commerce, we find a selection of exclusive products created by craftsmen, artists, of exceptional quality so that your time spent in your bathroom turns into a real sensory ritual.

Because a healthy formula is often much more effective, at Brùme, there are only natural/organic skincare products with closely scrutinized compositions, concentrated in active ingredients and effective. The synthetic ingredients contained in conventional beauty products have no benefit for our skin, while there are plant oils and botanical actives with undeniable effectiveness.

The advantage of Brùme is the consultation and its beauty expertise. In fact, it is not always easy to order beauty products online. This is why its creator accompanies you every day by email or phone to answer all your questions.