September 9th 2021 – By Promostyl

The Benefits of the Gua Sha Stone

You've probably already heard about gua sha on social media or through your friends, but you may not have fully understood what this tool is for. Don’t worry, we are here to explain! Gua sha is a rose quartz or jade stone originating from Chinese medicine that used to be used to "scrape" diseases from the body. Today, it is used as a facial massage accessory and is shaped like a flat heart to fit the contours of the face.


The benefits of gua sha massages are the same as those you can find in a beauty salon. When you massage your face with this stone, you stimulate blood circulation and drain the lymph. Lymphatic drainage of the face helps to reduce bags under the eyes, dark circles, redness, and acne. It smooths out wrinkles, eliminates toxins, and helps revitalize skin tones that need a boost.


In order to have real and long lasting results, this massage must be done regularly. If you want to do it by yourself at home, you first need to wash your face with a cleansing foam or micellar water and then apply a moisturizer. Then, slide the gua sha in long strokes on your neck from the bottom to the top in order to open the lymphatic channels. For your face, massage it by doing the same movements and remember to always start from the center towards the outside of your face without pressing too hard. Repeat these movements several times. To reduce wrinkles, you will need to make shorter and faster movements to heat up the wrinkles so that they can diminish.